Truck Parts and Accessories

At Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto, we understand that you love your truck and want to keep it looking and running its best. That is why we have worked with some of the biggest names in truck parts and accessories to bring you the latest in truck customization products. Located in Greeley, CO, we have provided our customers with the highest quality equipment since 1994. Our experienced team will help you ensure your truck runs and looks great.

Truck Parts - Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto in Greeley, CO

Truck Wheels & Tires - Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto in Greeley, CO

Truck Wheels & Tires

Form meets function when you outfit your truck with a new set of custom rims and premium tires from Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto. Choose from the top brands in truck wheels and tires to take your truck to the streets in style.

Suspension - Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto in Greeley, CO


Get your truck in the air with a suspension upgrade from Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto. From towing suspension, to lowering and lift kits, we have everything you need to get the optimum performance and style from your ride.


Raise your truck to new heights with a suspension lift kit. Increasing the height of your truck provides greater ground clearance. This makes it easier to drive over boulders, through mud, and helps negotiate obstacles. We can help you select the right lift-kits for your specific needs.

Lift Kits - Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto in Greeley, CO


Ride in comfort when your hauling heavy loads with air bag suspension. Eliminate squat, reduce trailer sway, no more bottoming out, and more when you swicth to air suspension. You’ll feel a difference in the ride.

Truck lighting - Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto in Greeley, CO


Don’t keep your truck in the dark, equip your truck with the proper lighting. From headlights and lightbars to fog lights and more, we have the parts and accessories needed to help you light up the road.


Suspension leveling kits can help balance out your truck and even out weight distribution. Not all leveling kits are created equal. The professionals at Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto can help you determine the leveling kit you need.


Performance is everything when it comes to your truck. We have partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to provide high quality performance truck parts. Air intake and exhaust systems, computer chips, and more. We will provide you the performance parts you need to get the most out of your truck.

Accessories - Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto in Greeley, CO


Add the finishing touches and get that customized look with truck accessories from Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto. From covers and carriers to guards and bars, we have some of the top brands of truck accessories to choose from.

At Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto trucks are our passion. We provide the products and services to keep your truck running and looking great. To find out more about the truck performance parts and accessories we carry, give us a call at 970-356-2672.