DPF Cleaning Services in Greeley, CO

Do you have a check engine light, see dealer notice, a loss of power, more black exhaust smoke and poor fuel economy in your diesel vehicle? Or has your diesel had more frequent and lengthy regeneration cycles? This could be due to a soot overloaded diesel particulate filter. Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto has state of the art equipment to keep your DPF clean and improve the overall performance of your truck.

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Benefits of DPF Cleaning

  • Restores fuel efficiency
  • Reduces emissions
  • Restores DPF performance
  • Restores horsepower and performance

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See the Difference DPF Cleaning Can Make

If you suspect your diesel particulate filter is in need of a cleaning, the technicians at Rocky Mountain Diesel & Auto can help. Stop by our diesel shop at 150 E 18th St. Greeley, CO or give us a call at 970-356-2672.

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