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Quality Diesel Performance Upgrades

Turbos, Exhaust, Intake, and Tuning

blown out truck

These are key components to a better performing truck. Here at Rocky Mountain Diesel Services, our highly qualified staff has received training directly from manufacturers on how to install and maintain their products. We can also give you well informed advice on what would be the best size and type of units for your vehicle.

Diesel Tuning Systems

There are many Tuning systems on that market. They can download new information to your vehicle's computer and store the original information in case you ever want to go back to stock. This information effects and fine tunes all aspects that affect your vehicle’s power: air/fuel ratio, fuel injector flow rates, and spark timing. With tuning systems, we can also tune automatic transmission for maximum acceleration and a performance feel. Custom tuning or even box tunes can deliver your vehicle’s optimum power, performance, and fuel efficiency, without having to exchange parts on your vehicle. Please call for details.”

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