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Rocky Mountain Diesel Services offers a complete range of hitches, which are locally produced by Cody Hitch Products. These are extremely affordable and versatile so that they can be installed on most vehicles. Our most popular hitches include:

Extra Heavy Duty Cody Universal Gooseneck Hitch

Fast easy steps allow this hitch to be bolted to the frame rails of your pickup with no cutting, welding, or bed removal required. This Cody Hitch is designed to be extremely rugged, with a 35,000 pound gross trailer weight and 7500 pound gross tongue weight rating that is achieved with a heavy DUAL/BOXED beam center section formed from ¼" steel plate. The Gooseneck Hitch is equipped with a simple patented reversible ball that can be changed from storage position to towing position by one simple 30 degree twisting action. It is this same twisting action that securely locks the ball in the latched position, thus  
eliminating any safety hazard. The "straight thru" design allows dirt and water to pass through, reducing freeze-up problems.




Cody Coupler

This coupler adapts 5th wheeler trailers to be towed by a vehicle with a gooseneck hitch. The Cody Coupler can be installed without any cutting, drilling or welding on the trailer. Attachment is done with two horse-shoe clamps and a set of screws. All pivot action is on the gooseneck ball. Using this self-latching coupler makes trailer hookup quick and easy to any truck with a gooseneck hitch. This hitch is rated to 24,000 lbs. GVW (total truck and trailer).

Cody Cushion

This unique system allows owners to enjoy the ride qualities of an expensive air ride system, similar to that usually found on big rigs. This increases driver comfort by decreasing vibrations from road seams and bumps. The Cody Cushion also decreases the hammering action between the trailer and hitch, which saves wear and tear on your tow vehicle, trailer, and the hitch itself. This hitch mounts to your truck hitch so it works with every gooseneck trailer. This hitch can be fitted for most common hitches and is rated for up to 6000 lbs. vertical tongue weight.

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